myTREEvolution is an Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (iCSR) Project, organized by a group of ambitious young lecturers who are the CEO@Faculty Programme 2.0 fellows. CEO@Faculty Programme 2.0 “Coached by the Pros” is a programme developed by Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) initiated by its Industrial Relations Division where selected lecturers from public universities in Malaysia are coached by the CEO to develop their leadership skills. Not only these lecturers are groomed to become the next Vice Chancellors of our public universities, this iCSR is aiming to raise awareness on environmental issues related to carbon footprint reduction through planting of trees with the tagline of “Growing a Sustainable Tomorrow”.

myTREEvolution is an integrated effort involving quintuple helix collaboration between all Malaysian public universities, government agencies, industry partners, and NGOs in addressing green house effects and executing greening activities. This iCSR initiative targets a total number of 20,000 electronically tracked trees planted all over Malaysia in the effort to kick start 45% carbon footprint reduction by the year 2030, in line with the government’s pledge during the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Paris, 2015. MyTreeVolution aims to be one of the drivers that will help the nation in realizing this pledge and at the same time safeguarding the environment for our nation’s future generation.

myTREEvolution efforts include three major activities as follows: –

  1. Awareness Campaign through social media and website, including a national video competition among the local students of institute of higher learning on carbon footprint reduction through planting of trees. Talks and seminars are also conducted to increase the knowledge on ”carbon footprint” and ”carbon offsetting” and other issues related to the greening of the environment among university communities and industries.
  2. Planting of Trees projects at local university campuses and other land areas and location as requested by stakeholders in collaboration with the industry partners. Tagging of the planted trees to the owners are carried out to digitally monitored the trees in real time manner.
  3. Run Forrest Run which is a run or mini marathon event involving the community at large that promotes awareness on importance of clean air by reducing carbon footprint and through sustainable practices of planting trees and healthy lifestyle.